Pim J. Buskermolen


Contact: P.J.Buskermolen@tudelft.nl

Keywords: Structural Mechanics, Sustainable Structural Design, Graphic Statics, Load Path Optimisation, Finite Element.


Pim Buskermolen MSc is a Lecturer at the Chair of Structural Design & Mechanics of the Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft. His fields of interest are broad, but involve structural mechanics, stress functions, graphic statics, reciprocal figures and sustainable structural design. Pim holds an MSc degree in Building Technology from the TU Delft where he specialised in the structural behaviour of shell structures by combining Airy’s stress function with graphic statics.

Pim co-coordinates several courses such as BK3TE4: Construction & Building Physics at the Faculty of Architecture & the Built Environment and Bend & Break: Form & Force at the Faculty of Civil Engineering & Geosciences. He is also involved as a tutor of structures in numerous BSc courses, as well as the MSc course: Special Structures.

Selected Publications

  • Discretised Airy Stress Functions and Body Forces, Y.-C. Chiang, P.J. Buskermolen, A. Borgart, 2020, In AAG 2020 Conference Proceedings. P. 172-194.


BK1TE1 – Technisch Wetenschappelijke Fundamenten I 
BK1TE2 – Technologie 2: Materiaal en Constructie 
BK2TE3 – Technisch Wetenschappelijke Fundamenten III 
CT3270-15 – Bend & Break: Form & Force - Co-coordinator
BK3TE4 – Technologie 4: Constructie en Klimaatontwerp - Discipline coordinator ‘vakreferent’
BK4TE5 – Technologie 5: Woningbouwtechnologie
BK2ON2 – Ontwerpen 2 
CIE5251-9 – Special Structures