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Silke Prinsse




Keywords: Structural design, Engineering, Concrete.



Silke Prinsse obtained her BSc degree (with honors) at the Faculty of Architecture in Delft and her MSc degree Building Engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the TU Delft. For her MSc thesis she dealt with “Alkali-activated concrete: development of material properties (strength and stiffness) and flexural behaviour of reinforced beams over time”. She graduated in October 2017. Since 2018 she works as a structural engineer in the professional field. In 2021 she started as a part-time tutor in the Structural Design & Mechanics Group based at the Department of Architectural Engineering and Technology at TU Delft.

Selected Publications

  • Prinsse, S., Hordijk, D. A., Ye, G., Lagendijk, P., & Luković, M. (2019). Time-dependent material properties and reinforced beams behavior of two alkali-activated types of concrete. Structural Concrete, 21 (2020)(2), 642-658.

TU Delft Research Profile

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