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Yu-Chou Chiang

PhD candidate


Keywords: Architectural geometry,

Discrete Differential Geometry, Form finding, Membrane shells, Radial basis functions, Funicular structures, Reciprocal force diagrams, Bi-stable mechanism,

Flat-to-curved reconfiguration,

Programmable material.


Yu-Chou Chiang is a PhD candidate at the Structural Design & Mechanics Group in the Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft. He is investigating the interrelation between structural design, funicular form-finding, and automatic construction.

Yu-Chou previously studied at National Taiwan University and received his BSc in Civil Engineering and MSc in Hydraulic Engineering. Later he worked as an educator and a researcher in the University, and as a structural engineer in several firms. In 2017, he started the PhD research on funicular form-finding, free-form construction, and programmable materials, aiming to make the design and fabrication of elegant forms more efficient.

Selected Publications

  • Finding Membrane Shells Subjected to Horizontal Body Forces with Radial Basis Functions, Chiang, Y-C., Borgart, A. & Li, Q., 2019, Proceedings of the IASS Annual Symposium 2019 – Structural Membranes 2019: Form and Force. Lázaro, C., Bletzinger, K-U. & Oñate, E. (eds.). CIMNE, p. 1556-1563 8 p.

  • Programming flat-to-synclastic reconfiguration, Chiang, Y.-C., 2019, In : Archidoct. 6, 2, p. 64-79 16 p.

  • Design to Robotic Assembly: An Exploration in Stacking, Chiang, Y-C., Bier, H. & Mostafavi, S.,  2018, In : Frontiers in Digital Humanities. 5, 6 p., 23.

  • Assembly of shells with bi-stable mechanism, Chiang, Y-C., Mostafavi, S. & Bier, H., 2018, Proceedings of Advances in Architectural Geometry 2018 (AAG 2018). Hesselgren, L., Kilian, A., Malek, S., Olsson, K-G., Sorkine-Hornung, O. & Williams, C. (eds.). Chalmers, Sweden: Chalmers University of Technology, p. 54-71 18 p.

TU Delft Research Profile

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