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Interaction, smart glazing, facial action units, visual comfort, control.

Project Duration

December 2020 - ongoing

Initiated by

Prof. Dr. Mauro Overend

Research Team

Dr. Alessandra Luna Navarro, Mark Allen


Christianne Luijten


The project aims to address the absence of effective interactions between occupants and dynamic building technologies and, in particular, smart glazing technologies (dynamic LCD glazing by eyrise). The system consists of a dynamic glazing system that is controlled by real-time occupant facial action units and environmental measurements by using recent advances in affective computing. The project is based on previous research developed by the investigators at the University of Cambridge.

Two experimental studies are conducted, (i) the first experiment to determine to test the novel control system; (ii) the second to assess the multi-domain environmental comfort in a real office equipped with the dynamic LCD glazing technology with a novel IoT toolkit.  During the first experiment, a benchmark control strategy and the novel control strategy are tested in the office-like environment and the results are compared. The desired goal is an interaction between the user and switchable glazing, providing a personal comfortable indoor environment, whilst optimizing the usage of daylight.

Funded by

ClickNL, Eyrise Merck


Showcase with Merck at the Avus building inauguration, Berlin


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