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Structural glass, Façade engineering, Sustainable structures, Human-Building interaction, Adaptive structures, 

Multi-Objective optimization.

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Assistant Professor

Shell, Membranes, Reverse engineering, Geometry, Topology Optimization, Finite Element Method, Structural Analysis.


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Post-Doc (MSc Fellow)

Seismic design, Seismic retrofitting, Multi performance-based analysis, Numerical modelling, Low-damage technologies, Fragility curves.

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Structural design, Architecture, High-rise, Practice, Mechanics, Long span structures, Constructability, Buildability.

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PhD Candidate

Architectural geometry, Discrete Differential Geometry, Form finding, Membrane shells, Radial basis functions, Funicular structures, Reciprocal force diagrams.

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Architectural glass, Structural glass, Glass structures, Thin glass, Glass design.


Assistant Professor

Glass, Cast glass, Glass structures, Glass in restoration, Topologically Optimized glass components, Glass bricks, Glass recycling.

Telesilla Bristogianni_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Researcher / Lecturer

Cast glass structures, Glass strength, Glass recycling, Glass defects, Fractography, Mechanical testing of glass.

Julia Schonwalder_edited_edited.jpg

PhD Candidate / Lecturer

Structural design, Architectural cardboard, Lightweight structures, Construction materials, Sustainable design, Temporary structures.

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PhD Candidate

Reliability, Risk analysis, Probabilistic analysis, Reinforcement learning, Stochastic deterioration, Machine learning, Optimization.


Associate Professor

Materials science, Glass structures, Structural design with non-standard materials, Glass innovation, Eco-design.

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Assistant Professor

Decision Making, Optimization, Risk & Reliability, Uncertainty Quantification, Structural Mechanics, Artificial Intelligence.

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Structural mechanics, Structural analysis, Complex geometry, Finite element analysis, Physical modelling, Computational modelling, Reverse engineering.

Silke Prinsse_edited_edited.jpg


Structural design, Engineering, Concrete.


PhD Candidate

Uncertainty Quantification, Structural Mechanics, Physics-informed machine learning, Reinforcement learning, Sensitivity Analysis

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Associate Professor 

Bridge design, Design of infrastructures, 

Integrated infrastructure design.

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Assistant Professor

Sustainable structural design, Circular design, Adaptive structures, Parametric design, Computational geometry, Lightweight structures.

Ate Snijder_edited_edited.jpg


Glass, Cast Glass, Arches, Interlayers, Bundles, Locking.

Rik Rozendaal square.jpg


Computational design, Structural design, Robotic fabrication, Natural materials, Complex structures, Sustainable design.

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