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> Glass Zip Truss


Glass structure, Structural glass, Extruded glass, Glass truss.

Project duration

2020 - 2021

Initiated by


Ate Snijder

Research Team

Ate Snijder, Rob Nijsee, Koen Bakker - Design& Engineering

Nikoleta Sidiropoulou, John Hermssen, Mark van Erk, Robert Capel, Wouter Verhoeven, Anjo Kuiper, Peter de Vries - Electronics, control system, production and/or consultancy

Sander van Rosmalen, Nikol Dimitriou, Rik Kwakman, Jornt Bieze, Tjeu Peeters, Joep Knuppe, Coen van der Werf, Helene Bouwmeester, Hilde van de Pol, Peter Eigenraam - Construction


Schott, Octatube, De Circel, Proliad, G&SS


Forces in constructions are abstract. They are barely perceptible with the naked eye. The glass construction Ziptruss by ir. Ate Snijder makes forces visible in a spectacular way: the construction parts light up to show, in real time, the pressure- and tensile forces.  With a seat, the visitor can exert a force on the construction (his/her own weight), and move this force along the rail. This results in a dynamic pattern of forces in the truss with a corresponding light show.

The Ziptruss has been developed to provide first year students at the Delft University of Technology with insight into the effect of force during Statics lectures. It has been exhibited at the Dutch Design Week 2021 and is due to be exhibited at GlassTec 2021.

Ziptruss is sponsored by TU Delft: testing and research; Schott: Glass components G&SS bv; Design and Engineering Proliad: Aluminium components Octatube: Steel frame and connectors De Circel: LED lighting advice; and contributions from many colleagues and students.

Funded by

Funded by GlassTec 2021

TU Delft - Concept, research, testing

G&SS - Design, engineering

Proliad - Aluminium components

Octatube: Steel frame and node connectors

Schott: Glass components

De Cirkel: LED Lighting advice



Dutch Design Week 2021


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