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Anna Maria Koniari

PhD Candidate


Keywords: Reinforcement learning, Building energy retrofitting, Uncertainty quantification

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ir. Anna Maria Koniari is a Phd Candidate in the AiDAPT Lab, TU Delft's AI Lab for Design, Analysis, and Optimization in Architecture & the Built Environment since October 2023. She holds a master’s degree in Architectural Engineering from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and a MSc in Building Technology from TU Delft. During her studies, she focused on computational methods to enhance conventional design processes and, particularly, her MSc thesis was dedicated to the development of a customized Topology Optimization formulation for the design of minimum mass cast glass structures under performance and manufacturability constraints. Currently, her Phd research lies on machine learning applications for optimization of retrofit strategies at scale towards upgrading building’s energy performance.

TU Delft Research Profile

Selected Publications

  • Minimum mass cast glass structures under performance and manufacturability constraints. Koniari, A. M., Andriotis, C., & Oikonomopoulou, F. (2023, July), In International Conference on Computer-Aided Architectural Design Futures (pp. 437-451).

  • Just Glass: Development of a Topology Optimization Algorithm for a Mass-Optimized Cast Glass Component. Koniari, A.M., 2022, MSc Thesis, TU Delft.

  • Topologically optimized structural glass megaliths: Potential, challenges and guidelines for stretching the mass limits of structural cast glass. Oikonomopoulou, F., Koniari, A. M., Damen, J. T. W., Koopman, D., Stefanaki, M. I. & Bristogianni, T., 2022, In: Current Perspectives and New Directions in Mechanics, Modelling and Design of Structural Systems: Proceedings of The Eighth International Conference on Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation, Cape Town, South Africa.

Selected research projects

-DE-CIST Research project (ongoing)

-MultiCare Research project (ongoing)

-Topological Optimization of Cast Glass Structural Components – Research Project


-Technoledge Glass Structures (MSc, A+BE)

-Representation, Visualization and Form 3 Performative Design Computation (BSc, A+BE)

Selected awards

-2nd prize for MEGA Course Award regarding Innovation on Computational Workflow – Sponsored by White Lioness Technologies

-2nd prize on Pavilion Design Competition (2021) – Held by TU Delft in collaboration with Janssen AG, Knippers Helbig & gmp architekten

-The Great Moment of Education Award (2013) – Sponsored by Eurobank Greece

Professional memberships & affiliations​

-Technical Chamber of Greece (2020)

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