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Dr. Charalampos Andriotis

Assistant Professor


Keywords: Decision Making, Optimization, Risk & Reliability, Uncertainty Quantification, Structural Mechanics, Artificial Intelligence.

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Dr. Charalampos Andriotis is an Assistant Professor of Artificial Intelligence in Structural Design & Mechanics at TU Delft, in the Dept. of Architectural Engineering & Technology, Faculty of Architecture & the Built Environment. Before joining TU Delft, he worked as a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Penn State University, where he also received his Ph.D. in 2019. He holds an M.S. in Structural & Earthquake Engineering (2015) and a 5-year Diploma in Civil Engineering (2013), with specialization in Structural Engineering, from the National Technical University of Athens. 

Dr. Andriotis is director of AiDAPT Lab, TU Delft's AI Lab for Design, Analysis, and Optimization in Architecture & the Built Environment. His research is on decision-making under uncertainty for engineering systems and infrastructure, a line of research at the intersection of structural mechanics, systems risk & reliability, optimization, control, and machine learning. In the above topics, he has published numerous works in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings and has presented his findings on multiple occasions within the engineering community, including invited talks, seminars, and conference presentations. He has been an author and primary contributor in research projects funded by the NSF and US DoT.  

In recognition of his PhD research contributions, he has received awards from the Civil Engineering Risk and Reliability Association (CERRA); the ASCE-EMI Probabilistic Methods Committee (PMC); the ASCE-EMI Structural Health Monitoring and Control (SHMC) Committee; whereas his work has been featured as the Editor’s Choice in the Journal of Engineering Mechanics, ASCE. He is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the ASCE Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI). 

Selected Publications

  • Andriotis, C.P., and Papakonstantinou, K.G., 2021, “Deep reinforcement learning driven inspection and maintenance planning under incomplete information and constraints”, Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 212, 107551.

  • Andriotis, C.P., Papakonstantinou, K.G., and Chatzi, E.N., 2021, “Value of structural health information in partially observable stochastic environments”, Structural Safety, 93, 102072.

  • Andriotis, C.P., and Papakonstantinou, K.G., 2019 “Managing engineering systems with large state and action spaces through deep reinforcement learning”, Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 191, 106483.

  • Andriotis, C.P., and Papakonstantinou, K.G., 2018, “Extended and generalized fragility functions”, Journal of Engineering Mechanics, 144 (9), 04018087.

  • Papakonstantinou K.G., Andriotis C.P., and Shinozuka M., 2018, “POMDP and MOMDP solutions for structural life-cycle cost minimization under partial and mixed observability”, Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, 14 (7), 869-882.

  • Andriotis, C.P., Papakonstantinou, K.G., and Koumousis, V.K., “Nonlinear programming hybrid beam-column element formulation for large displacement elastic and inelastic analysis”, Journal of Engineering Mechanics, 144 (10), 04018096.​ ​

TU Delft Research Profile

Selected Research Projects

- AiDAPT Lab: TU Delft’s AI Lab for Design, Analysis and Optimization in the Faculty of Architecture & the Built Environment - Research Project


-Building Technology Graduation Studio (MSc, A+BE)


-Computational Intelligence for Integrated Design (MSc, A+BE)

-Fundamentals of AI Programme (MSc, CiTG)

Selected Awards

- Award by Civil Engineering Risk & Reliability Association CERRA (Phd Research contribution)

- Award by EMI-ASCE Structural Health Monitoring & Control Committee (Phd Research contribution)

- Award by EMI-ASCE Probabilistic Methods Committee (Phd Research contribution)

Professional Memberships & Affiliations

- American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE)

- Engineering Mechanics Institute, ASCE

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