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Dr. Simona Bianchi

Post-Doc (MSc Fellow)


Keywords: Seismic design,

Seismic retrofitting, Multi performance-based analysis, Numerical modelling, Low-damage technologies, Fragility curves, Loss assessment, Shake-table testing, Non-structural components, Integrated building systems.

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Simona Bianchi, Ph.D. P.E., is a Marie Curie Post-doctoral Research Fellow at Delft University of Technology. She received her Master’s degree in Civil Engineering (2015) and her Ph.D. in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering (2020) at Sapienza University of Rome. Her research interests mainly concern the multi-performance risk assessment analysis of building systems and development of high-performance integrated earthquake-proof sustainable technologies. Her expertise is in the field of Earthquake Engineering, particularly about the seismic assessment and retrofit of reinforced concrete buildings, the seismic design of innovative low-damage structural and non-structural systems, loss modelling assessment and probabilistic fragility analysis. Moreover, she has experience in experimental dynamic testing. Simona Bianchi worked as Civil Engineer after her studies, then she became Research Assistant at Sapienza University. During her PhD and 1.5-year Post-doctoral position at the same university, she has been involved in many national and international research projects. In particular, she has been a key player in a H2020-SERA project about the 3D shake table tests of a 1:2 timber-concrete low damage integrated building. Managing different scale level projects and spending periods abroad in public and private institutions (LNEC in Lisbon, ARUP Netherlands) has increased her experience in the research field of structural/seismic design. In 2021 Simona Bianchi has been nominated “Cultore della Materia” (Subject Expert and Teaching Assistant) on “Seismic assessment and retrofit strategies for reinforced concrete buildings” and “Advanced structural design - Seismic design of (precast) concrete and timber structures” at Sapienza University of Rome.

Selected Publications

  • Shake-table tests of innovative drift-sensitive non-structural elements in a low-damage structural system, Bianchi S., Ciurlanti J., Perrone D., Filiatrault A., Pampanin S., Campos Costa A., Candeias P.X., Correia A.A. (2021), Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, 50(9): 2398-2420. 

  • Comparison of traditional vs. low-damage structural & non-structural building systems through a cost/performance-based evaluation, Bianchi S., Ciurlanti J., Pampanin S. (2020), Earthquake Spectra,1-20.

  • Seismic demand and performance evaluation of nonstructural elements in a low-damage building system, Bianchi S., Ciurlanti J., Perrone D., Pampanin S., Filiatrault A. (2020),17th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Sendai, Japan.

  • Seismic vulnerability of non-structural components: from traditional solutions to innovative low-damage systems, Bianchi S., Ciurlanti J., Pampanin S. (2019), SECED 2019 Conference, London, England.

  • A SLaMA-based analytical procedure for the cost/performance-based evaluation of buildings, Bianchi S., Ciurlanti J., Pampanin S. (2019), 7th International Conference on Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Crete, Greece.

  • Shake table tests on post-installed traditional and dissipative fasteners in uncracked and cracked concrete, Ciurlanti J., Bianchi S., Pampanin S. (2019), 7th International Conference on Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Crete, Greece.​

TU Delft Research Profile

Selected Research Projects

- SAFE-FACE, “Seismic SAFety and Energy efficiency: Integrated technologies and multi-criteria performance based design for building FACadEs” - Research Project


2021, PhD Symposium on Concrete and Concrete Structures at CTE, aicap, fib - Organizing committee

2021, C.A. Concrete Affairs Webinar Series at fib YMG Italy - Organizer, Instructor  ​

Professional Memberships & Affiliations

- Italian Association of Civil and Environmental Engineers

- SPONSE, International Association for the seismic performance of non-structural elements 

- fib Italia Young Members Group YMG (Board Member 2021-2022) 

- aicap, Italian Association for Structural Concrete 

- CTE, College of Building Industrialization Technicians

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