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Peter Eigenraam



Keywords: Structural Mechanics, Structural Analysis, Complex geometry, Finite Element Analysis, Physical modelling, Computational modelling, Reverse Engineering.

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Ir. Peter Eigenraam is a Lecturer at the Structural Design & Mechanics Group in the Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft. His field of expertise Structural Mechanics and Structural Analysis of complex geometric structures. He is involved as a course coordinator and lecturer in the MSc in courses such as Bucky Lab Engineering, Technoledge Structural Design and Structural Design Special Structures. The education developed by Peter ranges from lecturing on theoretical content to hands-on physical and computational modeling.

Peter is a researcher on the topic of Shell Structures. Particularly on Reverse Engineering and Structural Analysis of shell structures designed and engineered by Heinz Isler. Therefore making extensive use  computational modelling tools and finite element analysis.

Selected Publications

  • Structural analysis of Heinz Isler’s bubble shell, P. Eigenraam, A. Borgart, J. Chilton, Q. Li, 2020, In: Engineering Structures, 210, 110265.

  • Shaping Forces: Review of two Bridge Design Methodologies towards Architectural and Structural Symbiosis, J. Smits, P. Eigenraam, R. Gkaidatzis, D. R. Visser, K. Wong & S. Wassermann-Fry, 2018, In: Journal of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures. 59, 2, p. 152-164.

  • Reverse engineering of free form shell structures: From point cloud to finite element model, P. Eigenraam & A. Borgart, 2016, In : Heron. 61, 3, p. 193-210.

  • Concepts and prototypes for flexible moulds for production of double curved elements, P. Eigenraam & H. R. Schipper, 2015, Proceedings of the international society of flexible formwork (ISOFF), Amsterdam, p. 1-13.

TU Delft Research Profile


-Technoledge Structural Design (MSc, A+BE)

-Building Technology Graduation Studio (MSc, A+BE)

-Structural Design, Special Structures (MSc, CiTG)

-Bucky Lab Engineering - Structural Mechanics (MSc, A+BE)


-2018 - now, Form Factory at Jerzy Latka, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Architecture & Mauricio Morales Beltran, Yaşar University, Department of Architecture - Mentor/Organizer

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