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Wilfried Damen

PhD Candidate


Keywords: Cast glass, topology optimization, structural mechanics, structural design, material testing, glass innovation

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Wilfried Damen MSc. is a PhD researcher at the at the Structural Design & Mechanics group at the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of the TU Delft. Currently investigating novel testing methods for volumetric structural cast glass, as part of the UPCAST GLASS research initiative.


Wilfried obtained his MSc. degree in Building Technology at the TU Delft in 2019, on the novel topic of topological optimization of volumetric cast glass components. This investigation laid the groundwork many subsequent and ongoing graduation projects in this field.


Since his graduation, Wilfried had spent several years in the industry as a structural engineer, focussing on sustainability and innovation in structural design, exploring materials such as structural timber, fibre-reinforced concrete and 3D-printed concrete.

Selected Publications

  • Topologically optimized cast glass: A new design approach for loadbearing monolithic glass components of reduced annealing time, Damen, W., Oikonomopoulou, F., Bristogianni, T., & Turrin, M. (2022). Glass Structures and Engineering.

  • Topologically Optimised Cast Glass Grid Shell Nodes, Damen, J.T.W, (2019), Architecture and the Built Environment, thesis (Master)

  • Topologically optimized structural glass megaliths: Potential, challenges and guidelines for stretching the mass limits of structural cast glass, Oikonomopoulou, F., Koniari, A. M., Damen, J. T. W., Koopman, D., Stefanaki, M. I., & Bristogianni, T. (2022). In A. Zingoni (Ed.), Book Current Perspectives and New Directions in Mechanics, Modelling and Design of Structural Systems: Proceedings of The Eighth International Conference on Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation, 5-7 September 2022, Cape Town, South Africa (Vol. 1, pp. 818-824).

  • Rethinking the Cast Glass Mould: An Exploration on Novel Techniques for Generating Complex and Customized Geometries, Oikonomopoulou, F., Bhatia, I. S., van der Weijst, F. A., Damen, J. T. W., & Bristogianni, T. (2020). In C. Louter, F. Bos, & J. Belis (Eds.), Challenging Glass Conference: Conference on Architectural and Structural Applications of Glass, CGC 7 TU Delft OPEN Publishing.

Selected Research Projects

UPCAST GLASS (PhD researcher)


-Technoledge Structural Design (MSc, A+BE)

-Technology 2: Materialization and Construction (Structural Design Analysis) (BSc, A+BE)

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