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Demountable, Connection, Circularity, Reversible Connection, Additive Manufacturing, Interfacial Science.

Project Duration

01.02.2023 – 01.08.2024 (18 months)

Initiated by

Prof. Mauro Overend, Prof. James O’Callaghan

Research Team

R. Hartwell, M. Overend, F. Veer, T. Bristogianni, J. O’Callaghan, F. Oikonomopoulou


ReSolved is an application‐oriented demonstration project for a novel high‐strength, yet reversible, joining technology based on a 3D‐printed nano‐alloyed lead‐free solder. The new joining technology demonstrated in ReSolved targets inefficiencies in load‐bearing multi‐material components, by providing step‐change improvements in: ease of fabrication; mechanical performance; and ease of disassembly at end‐of‐life. The technology has applications in a wide range of materials and industry sectors but is particularly suitable for multi‐material components that incorporate brittle homogenous materials such as engineered ceramics or glass. The product demonstrator will be relevant for several industry sectors, thereby releasing viable opportunities for the ReSolved joining technology.

Funded by

Dutch Research Council NWO


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