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Ate Snijder



Keywords: Glass, Extruded Glass, Arches, Interlayers, Bundles, Locking.

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Ate has an M.Sc. in Architecture and an M.Sc. in Structural Engineering. He divides his time between lecturing on Structural Design and Mechanics and working in his own practice: Glass & Swinging Structures (

In teaching Ate aims to provide students with a lasting understanding of the fundamentals of mechanics and structural design through the use of demonstrative and hands-on teaching methods. These include workshops where students build structures and check their lateral stability and lab sessions where students do experiments to understand material properties.

In practice, Ate aims to initiate or participate in provocative engineering design projects. With a background in structural engineering, architecture and research, he looks for challenging projects beyond the established notions of design and engineering.

​TU Delft Research Profile

Selected publications

  • The glass swing: a vector active structure made of glass struts and 3D-printed steel nodes. Snijder, A., Van Der Linden, L. P. L., Goulas, C., Fragiacomo, M., & Nijsse, R. (2020). Glass Structures & Engineering, 5 (1), 99–116.

  • Experimental analysis on the glass-interlayer system in glass masonry arches. Aurik, M., Snijder, A., Noteboom, C., Nijsse, R., & Fragiacomo, M. (2018). Glass Structures & Engineering.

Selected Research Projects

- The Glass Swing – Built Project

- Glass Zip Truss - Built Project

- The Glass Truss Bridge - Built Project


-Bend and Break: Form and Force (BSc Minor, CiTG)

-Design 2: Design and Engineering (Structural Design) (BSc, A+BE)

-Technology 2: Materialization and Construction (Structural Design Analysis) (BSc, A+BE)

-Technology 1: Technical Scientific Fundaments I (Applied Mechanics, BSc, A+BE)

Selected awards

-Glas Innovatie Award 2023

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