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Prof. Dr. Mauro Overend



Keywords: Structural  glass, Façade engineering, Sustainable structures, Human-building interaction, Adaptive structures, Structural connections,  Multi-objective optimisation, Interdisciplinary design.

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Mauro is Professor of Structural Design & Mechanics at TU Delft. His research and teaching interests are at the interface of structural engineering, materials engineering and architecture which underpin the performance of high performance building envelopes and sustainable structures. Mauro studied Architecture & Civil Engineering followed by Structural Engineering at Masters level and a PhD on structural glass. After a few years of consulting engineering work in London in the fields of structural engineering and façade engineering, Mauro returned to full-time teaching and research. Since 2004 he has held tenured positions at internationally leading universities, but has retained strong links with industry.  He has over 100 peer-reviewed publications on glass, building envelopes and sustainable structures to his credit. Mauro has a track record of leading international research networks in these domains and he is contributing to the drafting of international engineering design standards. He has won several international awards and his research and expertise have found applications in some of the most challenging buildings globally. 

Selected Publications

  • Structural Use of Glass, Haldimann, M., Luible, A., Overend, M., International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering IABSE, Zürich. May 2008. ISBN 978-3-85748-119-2.

  • Review of current status, requirements and opportunities for building performance simulation of adaptive facades, Loonen R. C.G.M., Favoino F., Hensen J.L.M. & Overend M., 2017, Journal of Building Performance Simulation, DOI: 10.1080/19401493.2016.1152303.

  • The optimal thermo-optical properties and energy saving potential of adaptive glazing technologies, Favoino F., Overend M., Jin Q., Applied Energy, Volume 156, 15 October 2015, Pages 1–15.

  • 'The selection and performance of adhesives for a steel–glass connection'., Overend M, Jin Q, Watson J. International Journal of Adhesion & Adhesives, Volume 31, Issue 7, 587-597, 2011.

  • 'A computer algorithm for determining the tensile strength of float glass', Overend M, Zammit K. Engineering Structures 45, 68–77, 2012.

  • Optimal control and performance of photovoltachromic switchable glazing for building integration in temperate climates, Favoino F., Francesco Fiorito F., Cannavale A., Ranzi G., Overend M. Applied Energy, Volume 178, 15 Sept 2016, Pages 943–961.

  • Diagnostic interpretation of glass failure, Overend M., DeGaetano S. & Haldimann M. Structural Engineering International, IABSE, Vol. 17 (2), p151-158, 2007. 

  • 'Towards productivity indicators for performance-based facade design in commercial buildings', Jin Q, Overend M, Thompson P. International Journal of Building and Environment, Volume 57, 271-281, 2012.

  • ‘A General Crack Growth Model for Predicting Failure in Glass’, Overend M, Parke G.A.R. & Buhagiar D. Journal of Structural Eng., ASCE. Volume 133, Issue 8, 1146-1155, 2007.

  • Sensitivity of facade performance on early-stage design variables, Jin Q., Overend M., Energy and Buildings 77 (2014) 457-466.

TU Delft Research Profile

Selected Research Projects

- Circular Structural Design - Research Project

- SAFE-FACE, “Seismic SAFety and Energy efficiency: Integrated technologies and multi-criteria performance based design for building FACadEs”

- Research Project - Face 2 Face - Research Project

- FRP sandwich panel connections for free form building envelopes - Research Project

- MATELab Adaptive Technologies Laboratory - Research Project - Liquid resin connections for glass structures - Research Project

- FRP-Glass Composite Structures - Research Project

- Façade Impulse - Research Project

- Adaptive Façades Research Network - Research Project

- European Research Network on Structural Glass - Research Project

- Structural connections for UHPFRC panels - Research Project

- Optimal Manufacturability of Façades - Research Project 

- Design & Performance of Cold-Bent Glass - Research Project

- Bi-toughened glass - Research Project

- Steel-Glass composite structures - Research Project

- Computational simulation of smart façades - Research Project

- Durability of FRP sandwich panels - Research Project

- Switchable thermal insulation - Research Project

- Post-fracture performance of glass - Research Project

- Wind loading on glass facades - Research Project

- Novel glass-to-metal and glass-to-glass structural joints - Research Project

- Multi-objective optimisation of glazed facades - Research Project

- Integrated Design and Construction of Façades - Research Project


-Building Technology Graduation Studio (MSc, A+BE)


-Technoledge Glass Structures (MSc, A+BE)

-Bend and Break: Form and Force (BSc Minor, CiTG)

-Design 6: Building andTechnology (Structural Design) (BSc, A+BE)

-Design 2: Design and Engineering (Structural Design) (BSc, A+BE)

Selected Awards

- Elected to Façade Tectonics Institute College of Fellows, 2016

- EPSRC Bright Ideas Award 2014- IABSE Prize 2013 by the International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineers

- IStructE Research Award 2012 by the Institution of Structural Engineers- Guthrie Brown Medal 2011, by the Institution of Structural Engineers

- Midland Counties Branch Prize 2008, by the Institution of Structural Engineers

- Pai Lin Li Award 2008, by the Institution of Structural Engineers

- Young Engineers’ Research Conference 2000, by the Institution of Structural Engineers

- Young Engineers’ Int. Design Completion 1999, by the Institution of Structural Engineers

Professional Memberships & Affiliations

2005 Member (MICE), Institution of Civil Engineers, UK              

2001 Member (MIStructE), Institution of Structural Engineers, UK        

2001 Chartered Engineer (CEng), Engineering Council, UK        

2001 Member, International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineers     

1996 Member, Chamber of Architects & Civil Engineers, Malta.             

1996 Registered Architect & Civil Engineer, Government of Malta 

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