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The Glass Forum ’22, held at TU Delft, is a one-day research symposium on glass design & engineering and on novel glass applications, with a particular focus on sustainability and circular use. Aim of the Glass Forum is to share the recent research academic findings with international experts, strengthen exiting research collaborations and foster new relationships for pushing the boundaries of glass applications. The Glass Forum includes presentations by internationally leading keynote speakers, as well as from researchers, primarily from TU Delft and the University of Cambridge. The invitees are key players in research and industry and attend the event to review and share their views on the most recent developments in glass research and real-world applications. 



Thursday 27th October 2022  |  09:00 - 18:45 CEST

9:00     Registration & coffee           
9:45     Welcome Address

                Dick van Gameren (Dean, TU Delft) & Mauro Overend



10:00   Explorations in Glass

                Gijs Rikken (MVRDV)

Novel structural glass products


Ate Snijder (TU Delft)

New developments in Glass Vector Active Structures


Efstratios Volakos (Cambridge University)

Embedded liquid-laminated glass connections


Daniel Pfarr (TU Dresden)

Thin glass composite elements with additive manufactured core

11:15   Panel Discussion
11:30   Coffee break


Structural uses of cast glass


Faidra Oikonomopoulou (TU Delft)

The research behind the realization of the Qaammat Pavilion


Telesilla Bristogianni (TU Delft)

Glass up-casting: A novel approach for recycling as-is glass waste into volumentric glass components


Jackson Jewett (MIT)

Topology Optimization of Low-Weight Structural Glass

12:45   Panel Discussion
13:00   Lunch break


14:00   Building Ecosystems

                Jan Jongert (Superuse Studios)

Climate responsive design of glass



Rebecca Hartwell (University of Cambridge)

Material efficiency in architectural glass and façade design: Steps toward reuse


Socrates Angelides (Steel SCI, University of Cambridge)

Blast loading: Post-fracture response of laminated glass and loading predictions for façades


Simona Bianchi (TU Delft)

Seismic testing and multi-performance evaluation of full-scale unitized curtain walls

15:15   Panel Discussion
15:30   Coffee break


Human centred and energy efficient use of glass



Alessandra Luna Navarro (TU Delft, Cambridge University)

User-Façade interaction


Michalis Michael (Cambridge University)

Optimisation of Closed Cavity Façades (CCF) for enhancing energy efficiency and IEQ in office buildings in European climates


Etienne Magri (University of Malta)

Potential of switchable glazing in cooling-dominated climates


17:00   Engineering Transparency for a Sustainable Future

                James O’ Callaghan (EOC Engineers)

17:30   Closing remarks

                Michiel Kreutzer (Head of Department, TU Delft) & Mauro Overend

18:45   Dinner in historic city of Delft

                (registration and additional fee required)


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